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Mon Sep 09 2019

Luis Arellano Jibaja

For the Arellano Jibaja family, it is an honor to have again the excellent stone work of the Nastas family.
Like 20 years ago, today we have the opportunity to have two works in red stone and white stone.
Working with the Nastas Family is a synonym for efficiency, honesty, quality of work and, above all, excellent human quality.
we get away from Beit Jala, the best of the Nastas family materialized in the Virgin Mary.

God illuminate the artistic wealth of the Nastas family forever.

بالنسبة إلى عائلة أريلانو خيباخا، يشرفنا أن نحصل مرة أخرى على الأعمال الحجرية الممتازة لعائلة نسطاس.
كما حصل منذ 20 عام، الآن وللمرة الثانية نحصل على عملين رائعين من الحجر الأحمر والحجر الأبيض .
يعد العمل مع عائلة نسطاس مرادفًا للكفاءة والأمانة وجودة العمل ، وقبل كل شيء الأشخاص الرائعين.
نأخذ معنا من بيت جالا ، تذكار من أسرة ناسطاس تتجسد في مريم العذراء.

لينير الله الثروة الفنية لعائلة ناستاس إلى الأبد.

Mon Aug 05 2019


I love all the Nastas collections and the stories behind them! Every work is done with care and comes with a unique store behind it...read more

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Mon Aug 05 2019


I was given the invitation to visit this shop with their student apprentice. My friends and I were so impressed by how much time and interest they took with us. They stopped their work and showed us all aspects of their
work, showed us projects they had completed or were presently working on and showed us true hospitality. These men are beautiful people with incredible talent.

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